EMHT is a registered charity, number 1113837.

It is registered with Companies House as a company limited by guarantee, number 5743618.

Membership of the incorporated trust is open to the public.

EMHT is managed by a board of trustees, nominated as directors of the company. The trustees invite specialists and representatives of other heritage organisations to attend meetings and/or advise where appropriate. The Trust’s constitution is a set of memorandum and articles of association approved by the Charity Commission.

The charitable objects of EMHT are:

  1. ‘preservation and development, for the public benefit, of the 16th century Eskdale Water Corn Mill at Boot being of>particular historical and architectural interest’; and
  2. ‘advance the education of the public in the history, heritage, geography and geology of Eskdale so as to increase their understanding of the built and natural environment’

Patrons: Margie Foots; Anna Ford; Lord Frank Judd; Patrick Gordon-Duff-Pennington; Lord Rea of Eskdale; Marcus Worthington and Eric Robson

Trustees: Paul Pharaoh (Chair), Paul Dean;  Richard Johnson (Treasurer); Adam Pattison; Rosemary Lord

Advisers: David Blanden; Rebecca Cathey; John Hodgson; Bob Hoye-Turner; John McCurrie; Jodie Mills; Greg Poole; Roger Putnam; Chris Reay; David Rounce  and Jason Waddy.

Company Secretary: Adam Pattison, 8 Princess Avenue, Seaton, Workington, CA14 1DH

Membership Secretary: Adam Pattison, 8 Princess Avenue, Seaton, Workington, CA14 1DH

Registered office address: 8 Princess Avenue, Seaton, Workington, CA14 1DH

Eskdale Mill is proud to be working in partnership with: