New visitor season commences

Today marks the start of a new visitor season and the end of our winter maintenance period and Tentergarth Restoration Project.

Since December, Kate and the volunteers have been getting stuck in with maintenance tasks around the small mill complex alongside completing project activities within our meadow area.

Tasks have involved completing the lime mortaring and limewashing of the Bakehouse walls – this was started in January 2023. Now, the Bakehouse is fully decorated following its new roof in March 2022. Next winter, the volunteers will be able to focus their attentions on the mortar repairs planned for walls within the mill.

In December, we were awarded a grant from SPAB Mills Section in order for local Cumbrian millwrights help us make repairs to some of the milling machinery equipment. A new wooden control paddle for the grain hopper was produced to replace the old, rotten one. Also, a new bearing and shaft was installed to the oats sieve mechanism ( known as the JOG SKRYE) so that it could operate and be driven by the upper waterwheel again. This work was carried out by Stuart Hobbs from Heron Corn Mill, Beetham and his trainee assistant. We were pleased to be able to offer valuable work experience to aid skills development.


From January, there’s been a lot of hard work carried out in the meadow as part of our Tentergarth Restoration Project. Weekly tasks there have included native hedge tree planting, boundary sheep-proofing works such as fencing and dry stone walling, installing safety signage and clay puddling the new wildlife pond.

Now that we have a pond, we anticipate noticing extra numbers of wildlife such as frogs, toads, newts and dragonflies. We’re looking forward to its development as this new habitat naturalises in the landscape over the coming months. New educational opportunities will then become available such as carrying out pond dips with community groups. These will be publicised when possible.



The meadow restoration project has been funded by local grants from Copeland Community Fund, Cumbria Community Foundation, Friends of the Lake District and Lake District Foundation. We are incredibly grateful for their support of our projects.

In the weeks leading up to re-opening, there’s been a lot of dedicated work carried out in the reception area in order to upgrade it and make it more user friendly and presentable. Work there has included creating a rustic counter in-keeping with the existing furniture and re-arranging some of our award-winning displays. This has resulted in creating an improved space for visitors to enjoy and more room for our small gift shop.


We look forward to a successful 2024 visitor season and welcoming visitors back to the mill and its grounds over the next few months. Now, thanks to all the hard work that goes on here, we’re able to offer a full portfolio of spaces to visit to aid enjoyment and learning of this historic gem.

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