Today we greeted our 1000th visitor!

Today, we were really pleased to greet our 1000th visitor! Rita came with her husband and grandchildren and was taken by surprise when we announced her special welcome to the mill. She received a brand new guidebook from us as well as annual membership which entitles her and her husband to more visits to the mill throughout the coming year.

The family had a fantastic afternoon exploring the renovated mill and interacting with the new exhibition and were very pleased with the changes since their last visit before we closed for restoration. One of the children commented that they “came here thinking it would be boring” but the mill “100% blew me away … and thanks for a lovely afternoon”

On arrival, all children aged 4-11 receive a free activity trail pack which they can do whilst visiting the mill. As well as this, young people are also able to get involved with the milling processes and gain a sense of how things were in the bygone eras that this mill has been in existence. Even toddlers and teenagers alike gain a memorable experience that will help inspire their own curiosities.